D2BD Fashions offers Women's one of a kind fashionable clothing, and accessories at affordable prices. Shop Sexy Club Dresses , Loungewear, Purses and more...




 As a little kid my mom and pops owned the Hottest Jamaican Night Club in my City. Growing up around the Caribbean Fashion Culture made me fall in love with it, my mom was always Fly well in my eyes whatever she wore I wanted, I remember her buying me my first fur coat  I was like 7 years old. I was the only kid in public school with a fur coat all the kids would pick on me because I dressed different from them; Fashion was my way of expressing myself  always standing out in the crowd never wanting to keep up with the Jones's.  I knew their were Women in the World who are just as Daring as me. So I created D2BD Fashions is a Acronym for Dare To Be Different which was Launched in 2009 in a small apartment in Bridgeport, Connecticut starting off by selling Statement  Accessories to Coworkers, Friends, Family and selling at Pop Up Shops. Twelve years later we expanded into selling Women's Clothing. All for daring women who know how to be themselves and own it  ... 




 We at D2BD Fashions strive to bring our Daring Babes unique statement pieces rather it be Clothes or Accessories. That will definitely have others turning their heads asking were did you get that from.... We cater to EveryBODY Regardless of the Shape, Size, Gender or Style Preference.






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